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A ritual altar vessel made to hold your self-care rituals.

Inspired by the ancient Greek Kylix (plural: kylikes) dating from the 2nd century. 

Hand made by artisans in a small traditional ceramic studio in Greece. Each one is individual and crafted slowly and with loving intention for you to cherish and practice your self-care rituals. 

Handmade from rough grainy beige stoneware clay - made to hold your soaps, clay masks, Palo Santo, incense and other special objects. It is crafted from stoneware clay that is extremely durable and is meant to stay with you for a lifetime and compliments our stone like soaps. The interior has been glazed with a non-toxic transparent, water-like glaze giving it a beautiful soft and clean finish.

Every piece has its own one of a kind features and shape for you to treasure and practice your self-care rituals.

Size: 12 x 4 cm

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